"It's the people that work in it, they are kind and caring and very aware of my mother's needs - nothing is too much of a problem. If there is a problem, it is taken care of." Dorothy A, Hitchin






"I feel that they have met my mother's needs better than I thought they would. The standard of care is very high and her emotional needs are also met as well as physical needs. The food is very good - they make the effort with things like home made cake. You can also eat with your relative if you want to"

Gabriella, Cambridge


 "Just because the staff take personal care and they are so friendly and helpful. They talk things through with you whenever you want. When my father came back from hospital last week, the first thing he said when he went back was, 'Oh good, I'm home'. That was very emotional for both us and the nurses."

Annmarie, Letchworth


"Because whenever you go in there, everyone is very helpful, welcoming and friendly. If I had to go into a nursing home, then I'd be happy to go there. It's a bit like a hotel actually - it's got a very welcoming feel to it!"

Donald, Letchworth